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Reaction Services

Our reaction officers are all P.S.I.R.A accredited with all necessary training. They are very friendly and professional and should you see one next to the road you are welcome to give them a hoot to say “Hi”.

All officers are armed and have firearm competency certificates. All our reactions are procedural and are done to the letter as to assure our clients the best service and security we could deliver.

Alarm Monitoring

Our control-room is equipped with the latest technology to ensure absolute multiple redundancies for all types of unforeseen occurrences. We also monitor redundancies on a constant basis to ensure Computer Alarms control room operators that you get true 24-hour service.

Our control-room operators are fully trained to handle all operational functions and they are constantly monitored by automated systems in order to give you the best and most efficient service possible.

Control-room events and reaction dispatch times are monitored and are kept as low as possible.

Alarms, CCTV and Access Control Installation

We have strategically partnered with the best suppliers to ensure you the best possible products at the best possible price. Effectively we are passing the savings onto you as the end user as we want your business from other services we provide.